SemiWest continuously acquires new and used equipment of use in Semiconductor, Photovoltaic (Solar), and Data Storage Industries as well as redistribution into the industrial, commercial, and research communities.

We have a strong base of knowledge gained from the technical understanding of client needs and from a well-established network of industry suppliers. Our dedicated staff consists of several engineers from the semiconductor, photovoltaic (solar), and data storage sectors who with combined effort bridge the disciplines of electrical, optical, chemical, materials, tribolgy, and bio-engineering. For our customers’ tool sets, we have the personnel and experience to provide the most optimal solutions.

Our strategic approach is to deliver reliable products, whether be it refurbished equipment, consumable materials, or spare parts. We pride ourselves with excellent service, support and responsiveness, while continuing to build stronger business relationships with our customers. We continue to gain market leadership by exceeding customer expectations and outperforming competitors in quality, delivery, and competitive pricing. Our commitment helps us to continue supplying equipment and materials that meets our customers' changing needs.

SemiWest is a full service house, offering new and refurbished capital equipment build from concept through to install and service. Our equipment is installed and in production all over the World. The companies we represent, our principals, range from Wafer/Disk Cassettes, Sputter Targets, Surface Analysis Equipment, Chemicals, Polishing slurries/Pads, Automation, to Metrology Instruments.


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